Friday, October 13, 2017

#31for21 Who is #mentalhealthweek for? And Jane Harper's FORCE OF NATURE

Today is the #DisabilityThinking #linkup. Thank you Andrew Pulrang and everyone who contributes.
Who is Mental Health Week for?

Mental Health Week is for workers. Writers. Artists. Scientists. Landscape designers. Singers. Songwriters. Theatre critics. Logisticians. Musicians. Cleaners. Cooks. Chefs. Food services personnel. Pensioners. Traders. Universal Basic Incomers. Gig economists.

It's for leaders. Managers. Executives. Activists. Advocates. Wise minds.

Mental Health Week is for followers. The people on Twitter. Facebook. WeChat. QChat. ICQ. Blogger. Google Plus. LiveJournal. VKontakt.

Mental Health Week is for psychologists. Psychiatrists. General practitioners. Specialists. Receptionists and administrative personnel.

Mental Health Week is for people in the street. Transient residents. Migrants. Refugees. Asylum seekers. Your street press vendor like The Big Issue.

Mental Health Week is for social workers. Independent living centre people. Peer supporters. Sex educators. Certified. Licensed.

Mental Health Week is for children. Teens. Tweens. Babies. The unborn and those yet to be born.

Mental Health Week is for senior citizens.

Mental Health Week is for survivors. Veterans. Travellers. Backpackers. People who have been through torture. People who have been through terrorism. People who endure through war and through peace.

Mental Health Week is for animals and plants. Service animals. Psychiatric service dogs. Trauma dogs. Hearing dogs. Guide Dogs and Seeing Eye dogs. Birds. Insects. Amoeba.

Mental Health Week is for sportspeople. Footballers. Tennis players. Mind sports people. Archers. Canoeists. Kayakers. Sailors. Rugby players. Wheelchair sports. Golfers.

Mental Health Week is for culturally and linguistically diverse people whether you speak the 800 languages and dialects of Papua New Guinea or a world language like Mandarin or Spanish or Portuguese or Arabic. It's for Africans. Melanesians. Polynesians. Micronesians. North and South Americans. Central Americans. Australians. Europeans. Asians.

Mental Health Week is for all the people who have died in the service of mental health or so that we may have life and lives.

Mental Health Week is for prisoners and criminals and those in the judicial systems.

Mental Health Week is for Freudians; Jungians; Adlerians; behaviourists; cognitivists; humanists; eclectics and those whose practises come under many names and none at all. It's for the agnostics and the gnostics; the intuitives and the sensors and even the censors.

Mental Health Week is for disabled people / people with disabilities.

Mental Health Week is for families. Cousins. Siblings. Great-grand-parents. Chosen families.

Mental Health Week is for friends.

Mental Health Week is for haters.

Mental Health Week is for past; present; future.

Mental Health Week is for people who are silent and people who speak out.

Mental Health Week is for all the feels: grief. shame. excitement. agitation. calmness.

If Mental Health Week can not be for everybody; then it is for nobody.

Mental Health Week is for you. It's for me. It's for us. It's for them. It's for they and she and he and sir and peer and ou.


wheelchair24 said...

Hey, very nice site. I came across this on Google, and I am stoked that I did. I will definitely be coming back here more often. Wish I could add to the conversation and bring a bit more to the table, but am just taking in as much info as I can at the moment. Thanks for sharing.

Wheelchair With Dual Brakes

Adelaide Dupont said...

Hello Wheelchair24!

That is quite a spiffy chair at over 5500 lakhs. [and a good margin on it too]. Good luck with the business in Bangalore.

Really good to see your contribution to disability services in India [and indeed in Australia as I have seen from the commenters on your page - granted that was an ad].

Are you excited about the Modislide? Despairing? What do you think?

I liked the way you answered frequently asked questions. [like the one with front and back wheels].

One of my own favourite blogs is Bad Cripple from Bill Peace who is now in Denver.

In the early 2010s I had some connections through India and Oxfam through a person who was in the Oxfam International Youth Programme.

I do appreciate the way you took time to come to the blog.

Do be careful with the Bloggerent links because they seem to be flashing red flags from a Safari [browser]/Google [search engine behemoth] perspective. And misleading readers even though the content is interesting.

I don't know if I remember you from my Google Plus times [2011-18] - cognitive fog is not such an easy thing.

Anticipating what you will be able to bring to the conversation,