Thursday, August 11, 2016

As requested on Quora: elaborating a letter to impress a famous person

Our Quora person chose their verbs well.

"Elaborate" in particular gets into the search engines.

And "to impress" a famous person - don't we all want to do that?

Here is what I wrote, based on what I remembered in this wonderful book by Ann M Martin called Stage Fright which is about Sara and her attempts to reach famous people.

Read Adelaide Dupont's answer to How can I elaborate a letter to impress a famous person? on Quora

Someone else who is good at writing letters would be Jill Brenner and her entertaining letters to the stamp company. These are what we would call more functional letters.

A lot of English language learners do try to elaborate or embellish as is frequently used as a term of art.

Other people who wrote in are Colleen McLaffarty

Steven Silz-Carson

and Mirasol May Manriza.

I think that is an effective spread of backgrounds.

What other letter writers said: they seemed to have a healthy suspicion of elaboration.