Thursday, October 12, 2017

#31for21 #mentalhealthweek: Paddy's Bar/Sari anniversary [2002]; weighing the potatoes; Monash Brazilian Ensemble and Latin Jazz Ensemble; Our Friend on Wheels

Shawna Mattinson's Our friend on wheels was released today.

In 2002 this day occurred the Bali bombings for which Amrozi was held responsible. It was the first post-11 September 2001 bombing on "Western" soil. In Indonesia at that time there was Jemiyah Islamiah, a terrorist group/cell, and it all happened at Paddy's Bar and the Sari Club, which were two popular night spots of the time. They have probably since been rebuilt and memorialised.

In May 2017 the Monash Brazilian Ensemble would bring their wares to various clubs. Brazilian churro was the name of their performance game and the glue which would bring them together. Matt Millsom was responsible for many of the recordings involved and the sick drum lines like the ones in Flor de lis.

The Zelman Cowen is a wonderful place for music and performing arts in general. There is always a friendly milling of studently types and the rest of us.

Two ensembles this time - the former run by Alistair Kerr and the other is the Monash Jazz Latin ensemble which has work from Puerto Rico and Cuba. There was a very famous film called Babel and they played a tune from that. [not to be confused with Mumford and Sons's album].

This one is Endless flight.

Now I was going to write something about my experience carrying a 5-kilogram potato bag, which is not really a sack.

To strengthen the balance and to minimise the friction; I thought: I must carry it like a child.

Now unlike children - potato bags do not wriggle or scream.

Like children - when potatoes are put under pressure, they are bruised and that is visible on the outside and felt on the inside.

Yes - plants are very sensitive.

I wish more people who make crass and unseemly things on the Internet would take this into consideration.

Perhaps in your time on the Web you had seen a meme known as I can count to potato.

Now we all know that the measure and weight of a potato is more important.

If you have 50 potatoes they are each a hundred grams give or take.

When, for instance, you pick half a dozen cucumbers, or a dozen tomatoes, or however many stringless beans and however many peas [two bowls for the peas - one for the shells and the other for the actual peas - very relaxing activity], you carry a unit price around in your head.

If it is to appreciate or depreciate in some way due to market considerations - like the mangos and the way their flowers are growing at the moment [it is peak mango time this mid-October - perhaps you are on a Pacific island wanting to eat one at this very time] and also like the white melons and durians - you would wish to take that into account.

There is no stock market for vegetables. And that is probably as well. I will say more about this during the anniversary of Black Monday.

For those of you who do not remember 19 October 1987 - and we have had several bubbles and global financial crises since then - it was a watershed.

1987 was really some of the first time fintech was being grabbed and grappled with.

We had a big Alice in Wonderland theme on the radio with the Lobster Quadrille.

Now that is my delivery cycle with all the Cadillacs which park in the parents with prams zone and the access zone. One gets into identifying mini-vans by heart and thinking what one would do if one designed one's own.

Five stages/processes for autonomous vehicles.

And of course Heidi is now living her dream as a hairdresser.

Five years ago, the NewSchoolers looked at the meme and Heidi Crowther's speech.

The more Meme You Know - Johnny Knoxville has a lot to answer for as far back as 2005.

1987 - Black Monday stock crash - read Causes and Regulation

And I wanted to talk about audio description and the circus and other events.

Three months ago there was a remarkable Model Citizens circus.

For a lot of people; circus can be noise and sound without context.

Audio description can bridge the gap and open the world.

However, a mother pointed out - as mothers often do - that Audio description relies on an adult understanding of the world.

There is an obvious gap. What about audio descriptions attuned to toddlers; tweens and teens?

The six-year-old who went loved it.

Nimble Archer was one of the big factors in the 1987 stock market crash that October - Iran/Iraq was a big thing and coming inexorably to its end

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