Wednesday, October 18, 2017

#31for21 The last rockstar

There is just something about Michael Hutchence, who died in November 1997 in a hotel room in Sydney.

The people who loved him, really loved him.

It was like there was this force of nature.

Hutchence had these great last songs like the one in this clip - Save my life. The last rockstar goes through his writing process and his collaborations with Bono and others.

Also I am listening to Hard to love by Calvin Harris and Jessie Reyez and Lose my mind which is the first song on RageAgain for the 15th October.

And thinking about the awesome French villa where Mike spent time with his family and his chosen people.

A lot of controversy about Paula Yates. It was good to see Tiger Lily growing up with Geldof who had somehow lost his shine over the past few years, especially because of BandAid 30.

A good parody song is Do they know geography at all which you can find on any quality newspaper website from the comments.

As I wrote in November 2014:

RESPECT TO DEFFNER who came up with this parody of Band Aid 30's DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS?

This parody was put onto the Independent website in response to Lily Allen's social justice approach.

""Do They Know Geography At All?"

In geography, maps and stuff show where things are
With geography, some of those places are pretty far
Instead of teaching people about this world, itís easier to sing a simple song
Throw your atlas out the window this Christmastime.

To us, there is a big country, known as Africa. 
Without geography,
I picture different people as just one. 
There's a globe next to my window, 
But I havenít looked in years
The only thing I do know
is someone told me itís called a sphere. 
And somewhere thereís a landmass
Where all the people look the same
And tonight thank God Iím not there
Iíd be more confused.

And somewhere on some maps is Africa
Itís one big giant country thatís all the same (Oooh) 
With one language and no snow
Only huts and deserts show
Do we know what geography is at all? 

Hereís to us, we made this an easy one,
Hereís to them, with one climate where thereís only sun,
Do we know what a continent is at all? 

Feed our ego
Feed our ego
Feed our ego 
Redraw the maps there into one big state for all

Feed our ego
Redraw all maps there into one big place for all."

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