Thursday, October 26, 2017

#31for21 Sofia Sanchez and Be You Tiful Love Sofia and Margaret o'Hair

Californian childrens' author O'Hair and eight-year-old Sofia Sanchez wrote a book together called Be You Tiful Love Sofia. The book is full of poetry in Sofia's voice and lots of illustrations. When I saw it a few days ago, I thought it was wonderful. Especially the part where she admitted I thought things lonely babies think while she was in an Ukrainian orphanage. The authors are based in California and Sanchez is an actress, model and student who has had several stage and screen opportunities.

I love taking pictures and I’m really good at listening, following direction and I’m super patient. I love people and making friends. I am blessed to have the life I live.
Sanchez about her life and what she is good at and what she loves

She has played Messenger in the Character Counts play and Gingerbread Girl in the Kindergarten play at her school. And the National Down Syndrome C has done The wizard of Oz - one of my favourite mythos since I was a small girl myself and discovering American literature.

Sofia has a big brother called Joaquin. They are the two Sanchezes who have Trisomy 21. There is a family picture and an activism/advocacy picture.

I love the whole self-esteem message involved in Be You Tiful. She sees that she is smart and capable and competent.

Someone else who is promoting the message of comptence is Daniel Smrowowski who is responsible for Special Chronicles Podcast.

In October 2017 the Special Chronicles Podcast covered the people of Born this way for the third season.

It's good to watch John and Joyce Tucker:

and Rachel and the senior Osterbaches:

And Peter FitzSimons is writing a new book about Burke and Wills and their explorations from Coopers' Creek to the Gulf of Carpentaria.

I thought AstroVisual did a good job of the subtitles.

And I spent a lot of time at Flame of hope by Snoopi.

Have you ever wanted to front flip in your wheelchair?

Fats Domino died after 85 years. He really brought New Orleans to the whole wide world.

I first became an intellectual property nerd after reading Piaf and finding how Edith and Simone tried to get copyright to their works from the musical version of the Academie Francaise. It was reinforced by an article in February 1994's Macworld which was about images and sounds and fair use. I learnt a  lot about a song called Alone again naturally.

What I found awesome about Behind Born this way would be the live hangouts and the live streaming which was done in early October.

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