Saturday, October 07, 2017

#31for21: that Lola Montez quote about women and soul and taste

This one comes from a new edition of The lectures of Lola Montez:

If the soul is without cultivation, without refinement, without taste, without the sweetness of affection, not all the mysteries of art can make the face beautiful.

Doesn't this exemplify the beauty we with 46 chromosomes see when we see a person - a woman - with 47 chromosomes and the 21 in triplicate?

And Lola Montez had a lot of other great qualities too.

She was a person who migrated and saw opportunities in 1847 because of the Californian gold rush and in many ways completely reinvented herself in her performances and in her real life.

I am reading Hegel's Aesthetics as well through the Stanford dictionary of philosophy.

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