Friday, April 16, 2010

[SocialVibe] Mom Sends Adopted Child Back to Russia

Mom Sends Adopted Child Back to Russia

Thank you, SocialVibe, for this socially-oriented coverage of the Artem Saveliev (Artem Justin Hansen) story.

When first I heard of it early on the 10th April 2010, it was a shocking story.

I have written a little piece of it in my essay-book Attachment with an Accent (the link I have given you here is the Scribd version).

This is the version with [some of] the links which you will find on page 9. I realise that the country table is incomplete.

For once, I have found, Zoho Writer is more loyal to the original fonts than Scribd is. I think in part it's because I used Word as opposed to InDesign.

* * *

The charity I am supporting through SocialVibe is called The Vision Charity.

More about it in due course.

Several people on the Web are supporting different charities.