Wednesday, July 27, 2022

#wordlesswednesday Why my life could be like the Commonwealth Games


Three lions on the bottom; sunburst on the top; trees and lake featured
This one is for everyone who got a cuteness overload for these three lion cubs at the Taronga Zoo
When I tried to draw them they turned out more like Olympic - or Commonwealth - mascots.
[The Birmingham one is Perry the bull].
As for the trees - the TREES!
And, yes, I did miss the date - my fingers temporarily thought it was June. #MissTakes

Curtains up the top; centre bottom a man; centre left; a small boy; centre right a bigger boy. Bottom left hand corner - a cat. The man is reaching out.
That duotone enters into the whole Jumpers and Jazz mood at Warwick [QLD].
I'm about the grey and the purple at any time.

Top left hand corner - woman. Featured top - caravan with diamantes and wheels. Top right - man. Bottom left: bath. Featured: curly-haired man holding/carrying small boy. Bottom right - refrigerator with a door handle
"Shoulders"! I thought - as I remembered Put me on your shoulders.
Turned out our travellers were caravanning and packing and unpacking said caravan.
Stabilo purple and Apple Images have a history of not playing particularly nicely.
The diamond formations and the sheepskin.
You may recognise the swirls from the curtains.
And the stop mat for the back wheels - it is one of those brake/shock absorbers [the latter which were embedded for me from a Science experiment 30 years ago].

Left: diamond and star-like structures. Featured: male and baby
Diamonds are everywhere during this time.
Specifically people finding these mini-diamonds and shaping them into facades.
Also the whole Disney Renaissance Aladdin - diamonds roughened and in the rough.

Volcanic structures feature on the top; sushi in the bottom right hand corner; stairs take up the bottom middle
The colours are so far out on this! It appears RGB Apple does not understand green... #ItsNotEasyBeingGreenIsIt ?
[also this image took a while due to having #TheQueenofMigraines on the 21st and not actually being able to draw anything sensible until the 23rd-24th July

Crowd of people in purple #CommonwealthGames2022 #PeopleAreOurFirstPriority
One person is usually the origin point in these crowd-type scenes.
I focused a lot on their legs and new ways to design their torsos and muscles.
#MindSports #SportsPerformance #SportsScience #CommonwealthGames #AustralianDreams

Long image focusing on part of a caravan; a woman to its left; and a bath below.
I leave you with  a detail from Small boy and the passing parade.
The woman is standing behind/beside the caravan.
Her feet are near the wheels.
And the bath is below after some white space.