Carnival of Mental Health March 2011: Space

 In November 2010, the administrator of Halfway up Rysy Peak agreed to host an edition of the Carnival of Mental Health, which was started up by Astrid van Woerkom.

When the edition hosted in March 2011 goes up, readers and posters/participants would be greatly welcomed.

Please do put up a link to this page, and comment here.

I hope the Carnival of Mental Health will be a great experience for everyone involved.

The putative theme of the March 2011 edition will be Space. [some suggestions: inner space/outer space; personal space/public space; safe/unsafe space].

On or about the 8th March 2011 the administrator might write an introductory post.

By 15 March 2011 writers can think about submissions.

By 29 March 2011 there will be a post written with all the submissions.

Have a great carnival experience.