Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Between God and Darwin ... someone take away the power SVP.

Me, I would love to have a headache because I am so popular and the girls crowd me and I had air so crowded. Just a minute, I do have a vague memory of being 11 and two girls hugging me because I was their friend. But that was when I was 11, and I would like to believe the English public school is far gentler in its socialisation. That is not how it has proven, and that is one of my delusions that I hold to keep the pain that far away. Those who love me can see it in my eyes and my movements. This is not the place to discuss the pain I have suffered from psychiatric and educational betrayal.

If I was ever going to be cowed, it had better not be by a popular girl. Fortunately, I have a deep reserve of courage and decency and dignity and integrity.

God has given her lots of advantages. Fortunately, he gave me brains and sense, and as sure as this blog is my pulpit and the Internet is my witness, I shall use my good brains and common sense to reason my way out of this dilemna.

This is nothing more and nothing less than an abuse of power.

I can just imagine what the girls are going through. Should they continue to give this girl power, or should they empower themselves and be aware of their good hearts and their ability to make choices? I think you should empower yourself as early as possible. Take a good hard look - it isn't going to be easy.

So here is Tante Didi's advice for little girls and big ones too:

Be careful of honeypots. They may well give you diabetes. Be brave when you put in your insulin and control your diet well.

Go out with people you have never seen before. Look very carefully at what attracts you.

Read great tomes of psychology, philosophy and sociology. These will get you out of ruts and help you understand your parents better.

Look for caring and trusting people in the world. Some of them could have borderline personality disorder. (I don't mean to say that caring and trusting people don't have borderline personality disorder!)

Learn about something called relational aggression. Try not to use it in your relationships.

Read poetry and short stories as well. It's okay to be a nerd. In fact, given that you are reading this on a blog, you may already be initiated into nerdish/geekish delights. However, Tante Didi has observed that the Net can be used to hurt people even more than to face-to-face.

Get into sports and get fit. It's fun to beat the boys in football or basketball. Perhaps Jason might be on your team, in which case listen to his motivations.

Memorise verses from your religion, or from the Humanist Manifesto. I am sure there is a Bible verse telling us that popular girls can't get into Heaven unless they make changes.

Do logic puzzles whenever you can. Do you know the answer to Monty's Goat puzzle? Do you like Sudoku? Or wordfinds perhaps with those crazy cryptic clues? My mother does, and she doesn't argue with my stepfather. I think crosswords keep the world peaceful.

Go on a cruise.

Mon Dieu. Giving up being popular for Lent. Somebody's going to lose in this situation, isn't she? It's inevitable, as far as my nose is sticking into the situation. Think of the dozens of small girls whose hearts are breaking. You do realise you're setting templates for bad relationships in the future, aren't you? You know, when the guy with the motorbike ... that is my Uncle Brian pulling me back. I'm so glad I can speak to my family in Heaven and get advice from them.

By the way, if you have a special needs sister and you have learnt to cope with her the way God and Brahmin taught you (and not the way Darwinists would say you should!) you are a legend in my books. You are very special too and don't let anybody else tell you different, especially not someone who flounces about with a headache because she's oh so popular. Keep on doing the right thing by yourself, your friends, your family and your God.

You can take away the power of intolerance! Just remember this every day! Yes, you can!

And I would so chuck her into the puddle.