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#31for21 #worldmentalhealthday #mentalhealthweek Arbor Day in Poland and Brexit - an invitation to dig deeper

Flandrin Hippolyte Jean Portrait of A Lady Bust
[Jean]-Hippolyte Flandrin's 1860 Portrait of a young lady

Napoléon Joseph Charles Paul Bonaparte painting

Saint Cloud; Study for the frieze at Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, Paris MET 1990.254.2

Flandrin, Hippolyte, BNF Gallica Reutlinger

Flandrin, Hippolyte (1805-1864) - Polytès, fils de Priam, observant ecc. (1833-4) - ErosAccademia p. 51

Blaise Pascal, seated at his desk. Line engraving by J. Bein Wellcome V0004515

Plaque Jean Monnet, 94 boulevard Flandrin, Paris 16

80-82 boulevard Flandrin

86 boulevard Flandrin mascaron

92 boulevard Flandrin

94 boulevard Flandrin

Deuxième Église du Christ Scientiste, 58 Boulevard Flandrin, 75016 Paris, France 001

Gare de l'avenue Henri Martin 04

P1160217 Paris XVI boulevard Flandrin rwk

Rue Dufrenoy - Boulevard Flandrin, Paris 16
Thank you Mu for all the awesome pictures in the Wikimedia Commons which you have taken on/of the Bouvelard Flandrin in Paris.

10 October 2017 is an important day - because of Arbor Day in Poland which started in 2002 and World Mental Health Day - this year's theme is Mental health in the workplace.

I am intending to rack the Commons for tree pictures.

Also remembering that this is the day Papua New Guinea entered the United Nations in 1975 and Fiji gained its independence from Great Britain in 1970.

I was swotting up about Fijian Hindiustan and Fijian as well as the national language debate - good evening to the people in Suva!

Last night I read Childmyths by Jean Mercer which was about parental alienation and attachment.

And the World Cup qualifiers are wrapping up - what a pleasant surprise about Iceland. I did watch some Polish soccer on a Polsat news programme.

The Polish Film Institute - this will take some time. Though I had made some jokes about it - thinking of Culture.pl [Adam Mickiewicz Institute] and the posters and that new Agnieszka Holland film which will be part of the 2018 Academy Awards for best foreign film.

Flandrin was a Christian and realist French painter who would also paint scenes from Greek mythology. His other artistic interest was lithography.

On the 22nd September 2017 the Adam Mickiewicz Institute made a feature of seven pictures of Polish autumns. Witkacy struck out at once. In mid-2001 I learnt about Witkacy from one or two of the Cafe Poland moderators.

Fifteen years later ...

Bard Azima's Brexit - an invitation to dig deeper is 10 chapters of doing just that.

Good reading and thinking for #worldmentalhealthday: chapter 1 of Brexit - an invitation to dig deeper

This chapter of BREXIT: AN INVITATION is about income inequality [2].

This chapter will make you feel for seven-year-old David Cameron and 11-year-old Boris Johnston who grew up to be the United Kingdom's Foreign Secretary under Theresa May [3].

What else but shit would roll down when we have this extent and nature of sanctioned bullying? [4]

This chapter is for all of us who would wish to know the Middle East and North Africa [but not only] better. [5].

What do football violence and Harry Potter have in common? [6]

Trump and Churchill in chapter 7 of BREXIT: an invitation to dig deeper

These pictures of Churchill are at the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Building at the Australian National University. This is where all the Churchill Fellowships go to be audited and other things are learnt about Churchill. It is in Liversidge near the Centre for European Studies and other important buildings.

Among the birthdays for 10 October was Clare Hollingworth who broke the news of the Second World War, and was celebrated with a Google Doodle. She had died during January 2017 - the 10th.

Carto had another offer for hyper-local map-making.

And I am looking at lots of Steve McCurry at the moment. He really did know how to make pain look pleasing which is an achievement when ninety percent of the photos out there make pleasure look or seem painful.

Domenica Lawson - has she no influence over her dreadful father? Especially when it comes to global warming?

And there are the High Court dealings with the Citizenship Seven. Helas!

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