Saturday, November 04, 2017

#autistichistorymonth Cellophane Rainbow and In the beauty of the lilies [Updike]

I had said I wish you a cellophane rainbow, and I was referring directly to this song.

Most of the effects in it are cellophane or transparent. Very prettifying or scarifying depending on your point of view.

There is a really cool play called Alexithymia. I'm still sure in absolute numbers [rather than in percentages] the great majority of alexithymics are neurotypical.

Tom has written three plays and I like what he says about the play for you and the play for everyone else which was coming out in rehearsals.

And I had first known of alexithymia in either 1995 or 2000 depending on Emotional intelligence which we had bought for Granddad or whether it had come back to us after he left the house for retirement village living.

And then there were some heavy critiques on Daniel Goleman and the way he commercialised and commodified emotional intelligence.

The three plays consist of Social_function.exe.

I also looked at the sisters Caley and Creighton and their Autism spectrum explained which useed to be on Thinking Persons' Guide until recently - at least the Facebook.

Our blog by the sisters Caley and Creighton

Communication Placemat from 2015

I cannot call my sister cute because that is treating someone in their twenties like they're three; triggering intense disrespect and disdain.

And I looked at Ink and daggers and the October and November writings of the people from Autonomous Press especially Paperback writer which song I first remember listening to in September 1998 when the marketing and advertising business began to tell intensely.

We can be an accomodating bunch, can't we? Too accomodating, though, and it could be a sign of abuse or neglect [see Autism and Safety from ASAN in three parts].

Creighton's sibling perspective [Caley is the autistic one].

A mother's story

A lot of Creighton's job is explaining to kids - including the kids who have cousins.


Visual supports

Colin's perspective - there is also a book called Very late diagnosis.

Culture presentation

Stigma and discrimination


Tutoring in Florida and Texas and Skype around the world

People are still talking about Jeremy the dud.

I am reading In the beauty of the lilies, a late Updike which has three generations of Wilmots in it - Clarence; Teddy and Esther/Alma. I think her nickname is Essie and I am halfway through the hardback. Alma is Esther's movie star name.

In the beauty of the lilies on Wikipedia

The second episode of Victoria was great. More plotting around the young Queen's instability and - honestly - mucking around in her friendship because of ideology and politics? Don't do that.

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