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#autistichistorymonth Schopler [1928-2006] and safety plans and Hannah Barlett's In a different world plus videos from Autism and Women

Climie Fisher and Rise to the Occasion - I think this was before Love changes (everything) which attracted me. I listened also to Sometimes when we touch [the honesty's too much]. That is the Newton cover. The Montreux Rise to the Occasion is really special. #encouragementinasong

There's a young man who goes out to eat with his mother and grandmother. Perhaps some of the students may require or desire motherly support as well - especially if there are young women involved.

Deep on the flatlands of the west, teachers and advocates have written a safety plan.

Why shouldn't you tell someone about bullying or harassment or abuse when that person is speaking - if it's happening right there? or the speaking is a cue?

I have also read Hannah Bartlett's book for the first time in full on my iPad.

Bartlett went to two schools [most of the names are disguised; most of the dates are accurate - 2008-2015] : St James and Stockport for her year 10 and 11 year.

Stockport had a lot of geared but not targeted support.

I had assumed that a safety plan would have everyone talk about what made people safe and feel safe. And have strategies and tactics to do that.

Julie Phillips is working on and with this one.

I had thought high school would be like primary school except with more homework.

The young man is also a keen Australian rules fan and he dons the sash.

Essendon supporters have had a tough time in the last five years. You can read about it in the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland...

And I explained to Wibbly Wobbly about Eric Schopler and his role against Asperger syndrome as a discrete category in the Diagnostic and statistical manual back in the fourth edition of 1994.

And, yes, Schopler was known for lots of other stuff and awarded for it in due season - honorary degrees towards the end of his life; lots of awards from psychology organisations.

When Schopler was a teenager he and his family left Germany for the USA because of the National Socialists and their genocidal ways.

[No: genocide as a word probably wasn't around until 1959 when a guy called Raphael invented it].

And that of course formed a lot of his attitudes.

Asperger himself was in a youth group and that formed a lot of his pedagogy. He was down with the kids to get into the 21st century.

[Asperger died in 1980].

The youth group material is in Neurotribes - under What Sister Viktorine knew.

The discussion was about In a different key and Neurotribes which came out within a few months of each other in January 2016 and August 2015 respectively.

It was a surreal experience reading Silberman about Oliver Sacks being dead and a honorarium about Sacks' life.

And now there is a wonderful new book of Sacksian essays - River of consciousness.

Thinking of Charlie and George Finn who were "The twins" and in Time and Life a lot and on the small screen and big. Their connections with primes and every number in the universe and plenty outside the universe.

I wish there were a virtual world to show you just that.

A virtual world can trial safety plans as well. And take you back into the minds of Schopler and Asperger and just about anyone you care to name.

I don't know about virtual reality and dead people though. It would be interesting to think about people who are yet to be born and see what their lives might be like and how we can shape them.

And the brain when it comes to practising doesn't care whether experiences are real or virtual so long as emotion is felt.

And I found an interesting e-book on Tumblr which I read first. It is part of the Aspects series and is about Claire and how she becomes an aspect of love. Love/Hate by L. C. Mawson.

That's right the Hannah Barlett book is called In a different world and it's in 3 parts.

1: St James covers year 7 to year 10.
2: Stockport
3: adult life where she works with children at Fun and ABC child care and develops attachments to doctors and becomes a Facebook expert.

If you enjoyed Em Thomson's Tortured soul: a female Aspie's story and want to understand autistic women in England and Wales and Scotland and Northern Ireland - and if you want to understand teenagers.

There is an aunt who is a role model. Two kids - Freddie and Oscar - generativity!

And I have been thinking again about Eriksen and identity conflicts. There was a good article about someone's 10-year-old self in the 1990s and how that influenced later life. Values are strong and uncorrupted.

There are a few Barlett videos:

The Holocaust is one of Barlett's focused interests so it fits that it should be in this ABC. And I wonder if she discusses... along with Bullying and Change.

Hannah Barlett is a fan of Disney and so was her Mum. At the end of In a different world they go on their last holiday to Disneyworld and Disneyland.

Barlett has a passion for geography. She knew all the capitals of Europe at 5 or some similar age before double figures and teenage years.

Yes, Tsum-Tsums are very cool. They seem to be very squeezy and I like the elephant and the person in glasses the best and the Mario and Yoshi-type ones.

Thinking of a good blog called The life of Riley and when not even your parents' friends include you in their stuff or take an interest in yours. Now who is lacking the social and emotional reciprocity here?

"I am the face of accomplishment" - good affirmation for yourself and others.

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