Monday, November 13, 2017

#autistichistorymonth : Maternal Healthcare in Ethiopia [Hamlin Fistula] and Gareth Evans on Conflict - three stages; fifteen points... #themmlinky

Map of fistula hospitals and clinics as of November 2017.
Transforming maternal healthcare in Ethiopia.

Five points/rules on preventing conflict outbreak: don't start it; understand the causes; be prepared to work without recognition; commit the necessary resources
Incorrigble Optimist 218-19 on Preventing Conflict Outbreak
Serious diplomatic resources; dealing with the players who matter; deal with spoilers; international support for peace accords
Incorrigible Optimist 220-21 on Preventing continuation : conflict resolution
Study and understand; who should do what when; commit for as long as it takes; parsing multiple objectives simultaneously; cloth-eared box-ticking in Bosnia
Incorrigible Optimist: 222-23 Post conflict peacebuilding..

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