Tuesday, November 07, 2017

#autistichistorymonth Two children called Noah and Rekindling rekindled ...

"We do not grow old because we quit playing; we quit playing because we grow old".
The sea; the sea - with not too many apologies to Iris Murdoch

 We do not grow old when we quit playing; we quit playing when we are old.
Oliver Wendell Holmes

So I thought I had the two-thirds rule worked out when it came to scanners and scanning.

And the whole when / because thing. Independent and dependent clauses, hmm.

There was a Noah. There is a Noah still - Noah Jiro Greenfeld who is fifty-one now.

I admire him because he flunked Lovaas - granted he was a bit young for a lot of the programmes which were around back then [see the Life magazine for 1970ish].

Meanwhile, in the Melbourne Cup, one Rekindling won.

Three-year-olds aren't supposed to do that. In fact, the last time a three-year-old did that was in 1941. I'll let that sink in for you for a while.

I know myself - three-year-old horses and 23-year-old jockeys have this formidable sense of fearlessness and guilelessness. And when you put that all together with an experienced trainer and charismatic owner - you get Rekindling and Melbourne Cup 2017.

So I thought I might study the racing form of the big six or seven nations.

It taps into the mathematics and statistics I do know and could use comfortably.

And somewhere in Rekindling, there is either a liver or a tablet, marked with Roman numerals.

There is Jose, who thinks of plants as beautiful forms. And the arabesque style. And isn't it letters Jose thinks of as beautiful forms, and the spirit of the sacred also?

Jose, by the way, is in The man who mistook his wife for a hat as The autist artist. I "met" a lot of great people in there like Clara Claiborne Park and Elly / Jessy Park. And in 2001 I read Exiting Nirvana as one of my first Amazon Look Insides.

Amazon was also very good in the early 2000s for second-hand books. And prizes like A call to conscience in the Multicultural Family Tolerance Contest which I co-won with Meg. She was probably the only other entrant that Susan let in.

There were 2 Susans in those days. Susan M. Ward and the other Suite101 Susan who did the theme Multicultural Family.

Of course the Greenfelds were the multicultural family par excellence. And so were the Parks.

My working definition here might be at least one family member/household person is Asian - maybe Korean or Japanese.

Dreaming of bulgogi right now.

Okay: Noah was born in 1966 [7 July]. And Karl Taro, the elder brother, was born two years earlier.

So the Noah memoirs are 1971-1976; 1976-1980 and briefly 1980-1986 and a little bit in 1987.

Another child called Noah was born in November 2007...

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