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#autistichistorymonth Astrology; correlation between genius and insanity [2001]

Twin Pairs
A day or two ago, I was reading a paper about the Astrology of Incarnation.

In the second week of May 1998 I had bought an Israel-published text from my local book barn about astrology.

It had been published some ten years before.

The only exposure I had previously had - apart from magazines - would have been an agricultural show machine which was jigged up to make predictions about personality and character.

Perhaps you know it - the Scantron 2000?

Here is a link from Sandra which explains her system of sidereal astrology and harmonic astrology - the latter is from Egypt - with extra lights and turns.

Creation and Evolution from Binah/Sandra.

Astrospect is what she calls her work.

I wanted to get the date of Noah Jiro Greenfeld right - it was in fact the 1st of July 1966.

Oh my memory palace!
My response: "Things you MUST know about Autism Spectrum Disorders" and "The DSM-IV definition from BehaveNet". 20-21 November 2001
Cognitive psychology board of SparkNotes - this is from the Internet Archive from 2001 back when they listed kilobytes - this must have been the August 2001 incarnation. Unfortunately actual posts cannot be accessed except through 2002 crawling. I wrote 5 things I thought it was important for Chris_princess to know.

My comments are "Insane Geniuses - some opening thoughts"; "Correlation between genius and insanity"; "Genius and mastery"; "Extraordinary People by Darrold Traffaut [sic]"; "Genius or just plain dotty?"
The 23-year-old Dupont on SparkNotes Abnormal Psychology board 8 November 2001 about the correlation between genius and insanity. I had read Extraordinary people by this time - Darrold Treffert [19 November 2001].

September 2001 I had joined SparkNotes to amuse myself and to get a lay of the land. I wrote a post called Displacement behaviour in humans and animals which was my field of study - contribution and original research.

The big thing Sandra had discovered was Mars / Saturn / Pluto in some dozen charts she had had made of people like Jessy Park and Noah Greenfeld as well as anonymous people on a database which is famous for epidermeses.

And Sandra would work with 1st, 3rd and 7th charts.

That funny Saturnian chart was working as late as last year.

Venus and Jupiter - Cage and Cunningham

Josephine Baker astrological chart - she seemed to have these highly benefic resources in her chart.

Tiger Woods infidelity scandal - definitely of its time November 2009 - December 2009.

A reminder - lights are from the sun, the moon and moon nodes.

And wasn't there a good chart about John Nash, who I barely knew anything about until I watched A beautiful mind in early 2002.

Extract from Tiger Woods chart about golf:

"January, 2012 Since I have the workup, I might as well add Tiger's astrology for his win at the President's Cup in Melbourne, Australia on November 20, 2011:
  • Progresssed B MC at 6 Cancer 03 is still in the same set with b10 moon at 5 Aries 42 and c venus at 5 Aries 57. Since c venus also rules his C Asc, that gives him this benefic set influence to two Angles.
  • Progressed c moon, ruler of C MC, is at 11 Libra 07 conjunct b uranus at 11 Libra 57 and in the same set with C MC at 11 Cancer 28, c10 venus, ruler of C Asc, at 11 Cancer 29, and c10 jupiter at 11 Cancer 38 [Set (1) above]. Does the progression of just that one fast-moving moon constitute a "new" benefically-aspected Angle? Yes, it does. It shows emphasis to the Angle by timing for the event. Since c moon also rules C MC, it shows an extra emphasis on C MC and its astrology.
  • Progressed b jupiter at 25 Pisces 24 is in the same set with pc10 venus, ruler of C Asc, at 25 Sagittarius 01. In the same set is c10 sun at 24 Gemini 38. Normally I would consider this venus and jupiter already past that sun, but Tiger's return also provides return sun at 24 Virgo 33. The two suns together are enough to make this Angle-influencing golden benefic valid.
  • Progressed C MC at 17 Leo 32 is in the same set with c neptune at 17 Scorpio 23. Neptune can go either way. Combined with Angular malefics (mars and saturn), it can create anything from horror to extremem letdown. But here is is combined with (progressed and original) Angular benefics (venus and jupiter), so it represents the elation and high accompanying being a winner again.
  • Progressed C Asc at 6 Scorpio 42 is in the same set with pc NN at 6 Scorpio 37. This set again emphasizes by timing his progressed Angle-influencing benefics. It says that his win is "right" for him now.
  • Return Asc for Australia was at 26 Capricorn 03 in the same set with pc10 jupiter at 26 Libra 26 and b NN at 26 Libra 30--another set stating that success was "right" (NN) for him at this time.
The above were his major progressions in his 10th chart for the President's cup. He didn't have any progressed Angles to malefics.
I do not usually make comments on future possibilities. This one is fairly general, so I may leave it in. Tiger is not yet through progressed Angles to his elevated saturns. He has a major one around July 2012 when two more progressions come forefront simultaneously. Progressed B MC at 6 Cancer 44 is conjunct b saturn at 6 Cancer 42 in 11th/9th houses. And progressed B Asc at 3 Libra 38 is in the same set with progressed b saturn at 3 Cancer 37R, also in 11th/9th houses. Both saturns refer to his 5th house of sex life and/or children. Since he has already passed through the major shock of having his sex life become fodder for public and media discourse, I doubt these progressions refer to further scandal. Since both saturns are in conception 9th house, they can refer to a legal (9th) loss (saturn). With their influence to his 5th house of children, one potential interpretation is obvious. This time is not a good time for him to be in any kind of legal contest regarding his children."

It's been a year since Donald John Trump was first elected and ten months nearly since he was inaugurated. Sandra had some good charts as well.

Nash chart

Presidential astrology and acts of war - right now the ASEAN and APEC and East Asia conferences are going on.

Why couldn't a Democrat have won the 2016 election?

Astrology of the 2016 election

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and their Venus/Jupiter relationship

Sandra and William A and their relationship

Classic Malefics - and I am thinking of how nutritionist Libby Weaver used the M-word.

The message in autism addendum one - this goes with Grandin and the Asperger woman

Developmental Astrology: the message in autism - contains Park; Greenfeld and 3 more charts

There is an interesting comparison between intellectually disadvantaged people and writers. Correlations are lost to the Disks of Avalon.


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