Wednesday, May 27, 2020

#wordlesswednesday Wish I may; wish I might; why are these images so very bright?

Twist of an Arthur C. Clarke quote:

Any sufficiently differentiated teenager defies the science and creates magic.
When an emerging writer met Frank Herbert when she was 13 - that was a magic moment which took her into a literary stratosphere and made it more approachable.
[let me think - the emerging writer was Catherine someone and she does speculative fiction].
And today's teenagers would have you LISTEN TO and FOLLOW the science.
Isn't that right, Greta and Beata?

"As long as you wear your flippy-floppy hat and clean up after the dogs and don't have the dogs clean up after you;
you can go to the beach".

Geology in the garden: shells and rocks of every sort as well as leaves and flowers.
It is a great garden for science and for humanities and both of those sorts of learning.
#thetwocultures #cpsnow

Skating on roller skates.
Facing in the other direction, meanwhile ...
There were some waves which made the young ladies feel like celebrities.

"Keep your friends close and your animals closer!"

When tiredness passes over into overtiredness
it can be very unpleasant for one and one's friends.
Especially as it was past midnight.
Would they get the explorer into the blanket before the witching hour?

"It's not THAT he's frantic - it's what he is frantic ABOUT".
In this case - it was about a puzzle and putting it back from the floor.
"A place for everything and everything in its place".
The little fellow was taught some version of this.

A very sportive pair those two.
Lots of pennants; medals and ribbons.
And jodhpurs and boots in the case of the young lady on the right.
Some look forward to kicking their new footballs; others like to throw balls on or near a wall.

The Gingerbread Kid and the gingerbread cake - along with the gingerbread kid's biggest supporters.
Sometimes people are just too good to eat. Sometimes all you want to do is eat them.
You can do this in a dream.

Our youngest explorer in his grey nightgown and slippers.
It had been a very rainy week and the ground was uneven.
So someone put out the welcome mat.
What was behind the door? Was it a minibar? a refrigerator?

Flowers and balloons and pull-along ducks.
The kind that waddle.
Sometimes you can't choose your nicknames - they choose you.
For example - if people see you waddling like a duck - you get called "Waddle-duck".
"Coursework first - then celebrations!" said the lady in the purple hat and the green dress.
Not many people know that to swoon is to faint.
And f a i n t - one of these young ladies did that
when she was at the most central of Central Stations in Warsaw to meet her friends.
The other young lady is insouciant. As you would be if you travelled first class and expected Firsts in the coming five years.

Dreaming clouds and dreaming stones.
Everyone is supposed to be three stones apart.
And each one has their own cloud.
I believe Dibs said:
Every child should have a tree that is all its own.
Every child should have a mountain that is all its own.

Across from the Bodhi Tree and the misty mountains.
Sometimes the world can be so misty and so frosty.
That is when your shadow self steps in.

Chipotle on the brain! And tomatoes; avocado and so on.
Even malt from the malt shop.

Dreams are very strange things holding them in space and time.
And I don't know how that red got in there.

Some of these animals went on the live export journey
and from the United Arab Emirates to the Fremantle Port Authority they had to come.

Hands and feet and new friends.
If you look very closely you will see the Central Station young man
perhaps when he was very very young.
I think it's the eyes.

Rice paddies are full of work and love, very often.

There are four children and two animals.

And we will end today's adventures with a spa bath or the kind that comes in jets and has towels.


Sherrie said...

Love children's colorful.
Have a great day!

My Tata's Cottage said...

What lovely art! So colorful and fun! Thanks for sharing and also for visiting. ENjoy your day!

UP said...

Very interesting and in some cases telling. The art of children is often a window to their worlds.

Good post.

Adelaide Dupont said...


This is more "art about children" than "art with children" or "art by children".

I did take time to think about child-art he way neurologist Oliver Sacks described it in the late 1980s when he wrote THE AUTIST ARTIST and expressed 21-year-old Jose's art as having the qualities of that.

Speaking of child art which means something to me - in the "art done by children" sense:

There was a young lady to whom I acted as a Peer Supporter in the mid-1990s. She did a delicate picture of a pink-pointed Siamese or Burmese cat. That animal in coloured pencil and felt-tip marker [thick strokes!] was given to me at the end of the year and our sessions. I kept that in a folder for many years and looked at it again 10 years later.

A second piece is in the manner of a prophecy or a Zukunftplan/future plan. This was by the daughter of a sales director in the world of graphic communication who had a Steiner education. This came out in their view of the world. Also she participated in a very sophisticated world of imagination and enactment and this was revealed in a drawing of a van and the author at the hypothetical age of 27 [which was 10 years after the present-time of the artwork].

That drawing is on the back of one of my manuscripts. Some of which are in the universe the drawings are in/represent.

Those young ladies knew to whom these gifts would fall.

And as UP said: "The art of children is often a window to their worlds" - their relational world as I discuss in this comment; their schemata; their physical world; their inner world and all the worlds that can be. Worlds they are part of and worlds they never know.

Some drawings and art can be a veritable theme park.

Perhaps you would like to share about what the works tell you and how and why?

Thank you Anne's Phamilyblog - I did enjoy my day and the few days afterwards.

Colour and fun is what I hope to offer among many other qualities and contributions.

I did enjoy visiting the Phamilyblog.

JShealthtalks said...

Loved these colourful artworks of children. Loved visiting your blog, Anne !

Adelaide Dupont said...

Hi Health Talker JS:

Good to see your comment.

There is this hotel mailing list which has a habit of calling me Anne. It's called Crisp White Sheets.

And I do realise there is an Anne who runs another blog who commented here.

And I am glad you loved my artwork.

Kristi Campbell said...

What amazing art. I need a spa bath with jets like that. And here's to following the science (our poor planet) and to keeping friends and animals close!

Adelaide Dupont said...


POOR planet, indeed!

The pulsation of a spa bath is indeed important - especially hot-tub-ish.

Thank you for the comment.

Right now I am watching the ART KITCHEN series from the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art and learning with Isadora about a wheel.

Yes - friends and animals are CORE VALUES around here.

Mary Lou said...

I have always loved color in artwork!! These pictures are very cheery, Friend!! ;)
Peace and Love, Mary Lou

Adelaide Dupont said...

Mary Lou:

peace and love to you especially at this time when you are still grieving for Rosalita.

She was a Good Dog [and not only in the meme sense].

For those of you readers who did not know Rose - the German Shepherd/Beagle/greyhound mix:

Endless Possibilities which covers the first four years of Rose's life

And I am glad my art work put colour into your life at that moment. Especially probably the canines?

I read your poem - Degenerative Myelopathy.

So that was your 2020 - a devastating thing!

I will say again - what a privilege it is to care for an animal and to have them in your life.

The poem about Rose's last years by her human Mary Lou

Mary Lou said...

Thank-you for the reply, friend!!
Peace and Love is Ringo Starr's phrase/mantra/motto.... Hopefully he does not mind if I borrow it? I think that what this world needs now is Peace and Love!! True, especially at this time when I am grieving for Rose, {Also known as Rosalita/Rosey}. I miss her.... She was a good dog!! :op
Also, for those of you Readers who do not know Rose, {my Beagle/German Shepherd mix}, check out Coffee With A Canine, {}, I was sort of interviewed!! ;)
Yes, I did enjoy your canine pictures, Friend!! :op
Thank-you for reading 'Degenerative Myelopathy'!! ;-D
Yes, it was a privilege to care for Rose, {plus Shadow before her}, and to have her in my Life!! :op
Peace and Love, Mary Lou

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

there is an innocence to children's drawings