Wednesday, July 21, 2021

#wordlesswednesday Family visit and first aid


lesh Stgermain said...

Much first-aid going on! Your drawings are funny enough to put it on drawing paper:) Hope that after the first aid everyone was okay? Emille

Adelaide Dupont said...

Hi Emille [Iesh Stgermain]:

I saw your Pinterest profile! Thank you for your comment and for your concern.

I am glad you thought the drawings were funny.

There are some funny moments - like when the boy you see in most of the frames laughed about someone with a face like a squashed pumpkin. He asked if she was able to go to the ball. #cinderellareference

I can say in summary: Everyone WAS okay AFTER the first aid.

They had their problems - yes - the gentleman was not able to sleep.

The lady complained of the heat.

The elder lady had walked the distance [who you do not see is her husband - his scenes are less easy to illustrate like that].

Even though it was a heatwave.

The little fellow continued to have back spasms - that day and afterwards through the next few days and weeks.

[He was taken to a doctor - that is Second Aid - and given steroid and cortisol/cortisone injections to minimise the inflammation].

What happened was that he was to take some books to his grandmother who was visiting that day. [the figure on the left]

He dropped the books into her lap so that he could play a game with her.

And the books fell down.

Then he stood ramrod straight as in the second frame.

[Did you notice the clock? That is to show the time-change].

So he could pick up the books from the floor.

Several bends; several stretches.

Then he cried - Pick me up! in two sticks, like books.

Under instructions from his father - his mother did pick him up.

And she put him in a chair.

They talk about the parts of the body and identify them.

[this is why you only see the little fellow's shoulder in the fifth frame].

He is able to eat his fried egg and cut-up peaches.

The gentleman stands in front of the refrigerator in the seventh scene [first in the third line].

What you do not see is that the little fellow keeps looking at the gentleman - even when he is supposed to be eating and following the spoon. [or the spoon follows him!]

And the little fellow is clinging to the woman on the right [second in the third line].

Then there is a boy and a girl in the right-hand corner. They are part of the family visit and they are leaving that morning.

The gentleman went to see them and that is what the door is for.

The young boy is carrying an ice pack/cold pack. He was previously working very hard outdoors.

The young lady measured the steps and that is how it was decided he was to be carried out.

You try making 150-some steps up a hilly territory with concrete and aggregate. Especially with the back spasms [and what you probably did not see: toes turned in and bowed/bandy legs].

What I hoped would come through/get across are themes like empathy; hope; honour; chivalry. And about family of course and how we help each other.

Now remember: A guest in the house is like ...

[and some of you have met these characters before].

Sandee said...

Teamwork is what you need when doing this kind of adventure. Glad you had that.

Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous day. ♥

Zinaida Strinu said...

Such a drawing I think would have been very useful when I fell from the terrace and woke up in the garden with a serious sprained left ankle.

Have a fine day!

Suzana said...

Thank you for explaining! I like this kind of sketches. All the time
an image is more than many words!
I'm glad you join this game!
Happy Today!

messymimi said...

Those images are fun, i am glad you explained, though.

Gattina said...

The drawings are cute !

Adelaide Dupont said...


I do agree about teamwork - and that is the sort of thing that is important to promote in things like #wordlesswednesday.

I have had a fabulous week thank you, and I hope you have too.


You can find this type of visual resource on an educational site called Twinkl. There are Twinkl curricular overviews about Personal, Health and Social Education in Romania. And I believe they are looking for a Digital Copywriter [let your contacts know this!]

Argh! Ankles will do their spraining. And an altered state of consciousness may or may not have helped matters.

And drawings do make things more personal especially when it comes to symbols.


Thank you for your happy wishes.

So true about a picture/image being more than so many words.

I was looking at a young lady named Julia's Quarantine Artwork from mid-July 2021. Two I thought were especially effective were Anime Emotions [anger in particular] and a delicate watercolour of flowers.


Explanatories/expositions are indeed an important form of text.

I know a lot of people put alt-text on their images and photographs.



I am still enjoying your cats and will come to your blog this week.

The people who came on the blog on the 25th and 27th July [or as I suspect from the back end - Swedish robots]...

Adelaide Dupont said...

About the Romanian Digital Copywriter:

Andreea Anton is now doing this on Twinkl and has been doing it since April 2021.

About the same time as I discovered the service and decided to look at it in depth.

At least for the Visegrad countries ...

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

Great fun to make these illustrations. Thank you for your explanations, too.

Keith's Ramblings said...

Great sketches and really interesting information regarding the characters. Delightfully different.

Daniela said...

So you also are able and understand children's drawings: that's something we have in common thanks to our studies, I'm sincerely glad to have found you.
How about following each other?
Xx Daniela at ~ My little old world ~

R's Rue said...

I really liked this.

NatureFootstep said...


Unknown said...

The Drawing is so Cool it's Look like similar to my Daughter Drawing. Hahah Thanks.

Adelaide Dupont said...

Hi PrintVela:

[and, yes, I do look under full stops which aren't obvious in the comment box]

Thank you for sharing that interesting link which I've not looked over yet.

And thank you for your comment.

Would have loved to have seen some of your daughter's drawings for connections and inspiration.

To everyone:

Seems that a lot of people may have been visiting [the whole blog, Halfway up Rysy Peak] because of my comment on the Internet Archive about a wonderful alternative university-based film magazine JUMP CUT and something about the world of microfiche which was one of the dominant forms of library and information processing from the end of the Second World War to the 1990s.

[by a lot of people - I mean about 200 on Tuesday and Wednesday this week past].

And why microfiche stopped.

That was the 11th September 2021.

I will admit that I do not know very much about microfiche as it was almost completely inaccessible to me when I was learning library research skills.

I do know how to enlarge and read slides and turn them into their positives.


Yay for being able to understand children's drawings and I have learnt so much about architecture from a few centuries ago from your posts.


It was exciting to share Chichester and other bits of West Sussex and camping and caravanning through your posts.

Deb Nance:

So glad you appreciated my explanations.

I feel if I should do a similar comic based on things which are going on in the backend.


It was super good to read your work again. I especially enjoyed and reflected on "Speak up. Speak out."

So many times in our world - the price of silence is violence [and probably the other way around].


COOL! :-) to you too.

And I imagine you must have felt cool in the white shirt and the hat in the garden.


I do believe that's all the 28 July commenters covered.