Wednesday, December 28, 2022

#wordlesswednesday A hundred posts and the last three months of 2022



Sandee said...

I want to color these. You make them and I'll color them.

Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

MICKEY said...

I like your drawings which are full of imagination:-)

csuhpat1 said...

Those are so very cool. Great drawings.

Adelaide Dupont said...


Thank you for the "full of imagination" comment.

I appreciate your imagination too when you write up the Spiceupnews posts

[particularly the international news - once a geopolitician; always a geopolitician!].

Some weeks I do maps - like the ones of Wimmera; Szczecin and the River Płonka.

[there was even one of Poznan which I do not think is on this blog - yet - or at all].

You might like to keep in account the Insecure Writers' Group. Several of my mates are there and there are always good questions.


You're the Wesograph writer, yes?

Or Weseland.

Oh my goodness!

The Ai Weiwei post blew my mind.

Yesterday I went to see the artist Peter Booth - he has a lot of great work out there - especially in his sketches.

Sandee and others:

Which ones would you particularly like to colour?

And what medium would you use? Charcoal; pastel; felt tip pen; something else?

If I did make colouring pages I would put them in the Portable Document Format at a great many more dots per inch than they are now.

And I WOULD write my alt text and image descriptions plus one other accessibility #a11y factor I am forgetting.

Hannah Kim said...

I would appreciate to color them. You make those and I color them properly.

Thank you for joining the Wordless and Word-with Wednesday Blogs Hops.

Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday.

Unwanted Life said...

I love the idea of a wordless Wednesday. I don't get enough time to embrace my creative side, and I miss that. I used to love to draw and paint as a kid, and I always have creative ideas, but I rarely get the chance to do anything about it anymore, and that's a shame. I think humans as a whole are creative, and if we had the time and money wasn't an issue, we'd all be engaging in creative activities and we'd all be happier for it. I hope you keep your wordless Wednesdays going

Jack Mellian said...

I want to color it images for my comika universe :

Adelaide Dupont said...


Thank you for sharing your Comika universe with the readers of HALFWAY UP RYSY PEAK.