Wednesday, August 03, 2022

Would you like some medals with your mettle: why my life is like the Commonwealth Games #wordlesswednesday 3 August 2022


We begin here with a family portrait. And a disco ball / LED transition technique.
We will meet these dancing people again [the pink and green people on the top right]
The ocean brings a lot of food and drink.

And the seaweed takes on almost a royal cast.

An hour's worth of highlights will often bring a crowd.

During the marathon [wheelchair womens' and wheelchair mens'] the buildings of Birmingham brought out their milieu.

"Actually we are pearl and steel!" [not peach and greyscale].

Wearing some green and some gold - and some pink and purple!

Dance is a very important part of social and cultural life - from the inside and the outside.

Sometimes a crowd can be purple and blue.

Goats were originally domesticated and tamed because they were good to eat like cattle and sheep.

In an Australian suburban or peri-urban/peri-rural landscape goat teams are often set to work in a crew to maintain and preserve endangered species.

"The best laid plans of mice and men often go agly".
The contrast I feel was well-represented.

Contrasting waves and pressures impinging on the sand and through the rocks.

"Is this the tie or what happens after you clap"?
I think the difference between one bow and another has something to do with a vowel.

And lettuce and potatoes are often eaten with prawns and taken in a delivery box.
One spoon at a time!

I shall leave you with A boy and their dogs - or at least dogs which are connected to them.


Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

my goodness!

Shiju Sugunan said...

Loved it! Nicely described.

Sandee said...

Magical and most beautiful.

Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous day and rest of the week. ♥

Keith's Ramblings said...

Another lovely set of sketches, the standout one for me was the seaweed.

Adelaide Dupont said...

Hello Keith:

Thank you for your comments about the seaweed.

They are some of my favourite marine features to draw.

Indeed in 2000 and 2001 I published some seaweed pastels - or rather I exhibited them.

[and I did make a MOODS OF THE SEA book].


I appreciated your wishes for my week.

Saturday I have never worked so hard [and/or played so hard].

Yes - I find what I do has some magic and some beauty.


Glad you appreciated the descriptions.

I have loved your birds over the past few days especially the ones you gave for Wordless Wednesday that week.

Carol at the Comfort Spring Station:

Yes - they do have a way of blowing one's mind as an onlooker.

And I am remembering your work as well.