Wednesday, April 22, 2020

#wordlesswednesday #thelastdance and sketches from my world

The Wordless Wednesday of 22 April 2020 - one of 6 prompts - is about Game. I think those who have watched the first two episodes of The last dance on Netflix or ESPN would agree that Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls of 1984 to 2004 knew how to hustle and they had game. A great exemplar of sports science and sports performance - if not sports management and business management - both of which Jordan is using in his present role as owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

The second episode is about one Scott Pippen. He came five years after Jordan as a rookie [1991 as against Jordan's 1985? 1986?] and he was the first NBA pick.

Other prompts include Justice; MarkSleeping; Rivers and Human.

"Never did the sun go down with a brighter glory on the quiet corner in Soho, than one memorable evening when the Doctor and his daughter sat down under the plane-tree together.
Never did the moon rise with a milder radiance over great London, than on that night when it found them still seated under the tree, and shone upon their faces through its leaves"..
Charles Dickens - A Tale of Two Cities - ONE NIGHT [179: my emphasis].

A few pages/passages later in this same A tale of two cities there is another quote I liked about the moon. It has a very human element and it reflects on justice and the flow of life.

As Lucie found during and after her marriage - she could not step in the same river twice.

In the sad moonlight, she clasped him by the neck, and laid her face upon his breast. In the moonlight - which is always sad, as the light of the sun always is -
as the light of human life is -
at its coming and its going

I watched another movie on Netflix before I watched The last dance.
The movie is BlackKuKluxKlanman

"Meanwhile in Colorado Springs - the first black cop is about to be recruited"

So I drew the superior and then all these red people came by.

In the bottom right hand corner there is a quote from the trailer

Some of us speak English; some of us speak JIVE.

And I had read about Coloured Persons' Time in Rene's Black girl; lost keys which is a great resource for coaching and managing Attention.

This final image was inspired by Diana Mitford and her autobiography A life of contrasts which was published in 1977.

Her sartorial preferences included luxe pink and blue and gold - according to a review of the biography/memoir.

Was so happy to finish my latest reading of The Mitford Girls and I did some critical / ancillary reading that I might not have been necessarily able to do in the early 2000s.


Gattina said...

The sketches are cute ! I paint, but for the moment I have no inspiration ! Our restaurants are all closed, only the take aways open. Strange times.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...

What fun you are having. I am going to try to conjure up a bit of fun today, too.

colleen said...

So much going on here. Very creative. I especially love the color.

Sandee said...

I wish I was this talented. I'm not one bit.

Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

Adelaide Dupont said...


Colour has been part of my life from a very early age.

The colour here comes from the Stabilo 20 and also from the Portable Network Graphics in the scanner.

Hopefully the "so much going on" was not too overwhelming.


Fun is always good to conjure and stir up.

It can be hard sometimes to find a sense of fun. I hope that through my words and sketches I have given and contributed.


Sketching is almost a physical - and indeed a cognitive - need with me.

VERY peculiar and strange times. During lunch I cooked a pastie.

As for finding inspiration - there is a children's book activist called Ashia Roy. They say:

"Once you do something small; you can do a lot".

With what tools do you paint? Acrylic; oils; eggs?


Thank you for the compliment.

You are good at organising and executing - and as you say about talent - "I am not one bit".

[I did try in the afternoon].

And obviously you love animals.

Hopefully I see you next week and you will see me.

In not many hours it will be Shakespeare's birthday. I am reading THE COMEDY OF ERRORS and the second part of HENRY THE EIGHTH.

Natasha said...

Dear Adelaide,

Art is so much fun. I love making art too, but don't manage to anymore these days. I will someday for sure.

Your sketches seem like you had a blast.

Thank you so much for linking up with us on #WordlessWednesday

Adelaide Dupont said...


thank you! I know you have visited Halfway up Rysy Peak before.

That food trail was incredible. [and it will be great for my readers and those who are interested in food and the whole gourmet thing].

Hope you do make art someday - for sure!

Ah - there is still time - until there isn't.

Glad you enjoy art and making it.