Wednesday, September 14, 2022

#wordlesswednesday "A baby's cheek is pink" [Keller]; an extrovert's dilemma


Beach with pink background. Turn ninety degrees

An oversized father figure and two younger children

Everyone in this image is sensing something and acting in some kind of fashion and/or attitude. Also: light blue jeans or other pantsuits/pantunits

We are not all the same under the skin.

13 September 2022 image expressing heart and soul exposed through movement and verbal disclosures

13 September 2022 - image of intergenerational movements and flights.

Flex + [en] [s]emble - when we flex together; we resemble one another and each other. Medium blue elaborated outlines of humans.

Outstretched stick people in various attitudes of dance and movement

A female at a desk - on the other side of the desk - two teenage/young adult males and a younger male. The younger female is in the right-hand corner.

Four trees with various forms of foilage.

Image resembling a cheering triangle.

Masto[don] with a dog or dingo type of image. Its shelter and its food are intimately connected.

I began with the people in the corners - individuals. Then I expanded and stretched and tested "the grain" - yellow background

Light yellow background of two dozen people reaching out to one another in some way.

Six people in a group and some incompleted boxes.


Sandee said...

Cute and my favorite color is pink.

Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

colleen said...

So much to look at!

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

very creative

Keith's Ramblings said...

A lovely set of pictures once again!

catsynth said...

Great drawings. I'm curious about the subtitle "an extrovert's dilemma"? I'm a pretty strong introvert so always curious about these themes.

Thanks for stopping by my Wordless Wednesday this week :)

Adelaide Dupont said...


I'll take your comment first.

Ah - introversion! I often came in that way about 20 years ago.

Then in the Keirsey I found my E [2015-16] - my Keirsey is ENFP or "the Champion" - and my N and P are fairly strong - my F/T is more mixed [sometimes it can be 50/50 and other times it can be 70/30].

The "extrovert's dilemma" comes from this post from MY INNER MISH-MASH by Emilia who asks a "Question of the Day" [which you can join in as well.

in which we talk about situations and nightmares.

There is a push; a pull; a press - which I tried to express in a Vygotskian/Lurian way of regulating behaviour.

The "Extrovert's Dilemma" is the second last drawing.

Also a dilemma is more like the shift and the dynamic.

Though we must be more careful of thinking simplistically as Kelvin Seah from Singapore shows us...

[yes, especially, but not exclusively - if we are parents or in a parenting role].

[children are capable of thinking far more with complexity and complexly if we let them and encourage them].


Thank you again. I really enjoyed yours too and I learnt a lot about the region where they were set and the plants.


I enjoyed seeing Vera and her wonderful flowers especially the zinnias.


I hope the looking was worthwhile.


Ah, pink!

I love more of the skin-type tones and also the flourescence of some pinks.

The pink of the coral in particular as well as the highlighted ones which come out in nature.

Lots of young people in the 1980s used to talk about pink as their favourite colour - and as soon as I saw the Artline markers I understood. [they also enjoyed purple].

My favourite colour as a young girl was orange.

And then in 1991 I decided my favourite colour was green - both bottle green and forest and sea greens.

I have also enjoyed paler greens.

And it turned out after I parlayed the quote that Keller said pink was LIKE a baby's cheek. I wonder if SEO would have mauled the quote.

[When I looked it up on Google - there was only information about babies and their raw and red cheeks. I do go to a website called once or perhaps twice a week].

[and to be fair I would try other search engines eg. DuckDuckGo and Bing and Yandex as well as the search engines we knew with the mainstreaming of the Internet in the 1990s and 2000s].

I am wearing a green outfit from 30 years ago and sitting at my keyboard which I had bought the previous month or two and would use for concerts - my first concert in December 1992 and my last in July 1998 after my teacher went to Scotland - first Edinburgh and then Aberdeen. That is the outfit I wore when I decided my favourite colour was green in the car.

[Georgie Stehli is also a green fan - albeit a darker; primary green - the sort that is in houses - and made my cot and bed some 35 and 40 years ago].

[also it made my first wardrobe which had some magic of its own especially when it came to coathanging. If it worked the Narnia way it would go into the garden and into the lounge room - a long piece of grassy land with figs and banana leaves and lots of wood and other materials. Also there would be an eave to sit under and a bench-like structure to sit ON].

[there are other ways for non-fantastic wardrobes to work - like Donna Williams finding Carol within herself and the security of the cupboard].

Michele Morin said...

Looks as if everyone is having fun!

Adelaide Dupont said...

Thank you Michele Morin!

Did you come from the Inspirational Monday or Friendship Friday blog?

[I don't remember you from my Wordless Wednesday people].

Jeanie said...

I'm so glad you stopped by to see me -- your drawings are charming. And I really like the pink!

Adelaide Dupont said...

Jeanie from MARMELADE:

We seem to share a few creative interests in common.

I came to your blog from Cindy Anderson's blogroll - some of the more recent writings.

And I LOVE your family history blog from 2020.

It makes me want to be more receptive - both the giving and receiving end.

Did you know you can make en and em dashes? I am not sure whether you can do this in Blogger where you are typing [mobile phone and/or computer].

On Mac this is how - Option+Hyphen – [en - so called because it is the space of a lowercase N]
Shift+Option+Hyphen — [and EM - so called because it is the space of a lowercase M - at least in sans-serif font - serif is wider]

[I learnt many years ago from MacUser magazine in the tips and hints column around the #DeskTopPublishingWorld - and it was a matter to turn it to a PC-compatible - I would have had to use the ASCII way or ASCII extended... ASCII extended is everything from 256 onwards or 129-256 - ASCII in ordinary letters; numbers; symbols is 0-128].

It does seem in Blogger when I try I make the hyphens and underscores go on forever [or as long as I am willing to keep typing].

[I got into a habit when holding the attendant key of making accents and selecting with numbers which is more of a mobile phone adaptation/affectation!].

Artists' dates are a good habit to keep - and ART CAMP!

Some of my best - and, yes, most CHARMING - work has come from camp-like situations - for example the National Novel Writing Month April and July camps.

I believe you make felten people and cats...

as well as those awesome postcards.

I also appreciated your post about Queen Elizabeth the Second.

You might not be too surprised if a stork or an elk turn up.

[Okay - I've closed up the "stork" link now!]

[and opened up the "elk" link]...

And I just remembered - your lavender theme on another of your posts!

This September: cucumber; corn; eggplant; tomato.

Lettuce grows already - coriander has grown for the past few months.

What a glorious feline! I wonder if you sometimes contribute to Feline Friday?

[or if Marmelade is your feline companion?]

Adelaide Dupont said...

Dear ones:

It seems that when I click in "View Original"

the Alt Text does NOT work.

And it DOES when it is in a syndication feed. [like for a certain Blogs Directory]

Shall I write CAPTIONS underneath in the future?

All I get is IMAGE - and not the TITLE TEXT or the ALT TEXT.

Maybe ALT TEXT is for talking and hovering [auditory and visual].