Wednesday, September 21, 2022

#wordlesswednesday Test pilots and trial balloons - tongue and teeth

Top row: bookends and a potrait. Middle row: baby gate. Bottom row: flanked by their parents and some sheepskins
Gates can be sculptures in their own right
and of course entry and exit points.
The familiars involved are a koala and a rabbit.
And the left figure is wearing these blue jeans.

"Stair steps" refers to the practice of spacing family members out and counting them in.
The 18 September 2022 drawing started with the three figures at the bottom.
And the diagonal line COULD be ascending or descending.

People who are moving in some way in hot and cold and warm colours and shades
"Well, if you say we are charming"
"Or we have charm".
Top row: lamp and parents. Fluffer and caser of pillows. Bottom row: child in change box
Essentially the "great bedtime choice" is to move your own body or to have a loving person move it for you.
This apparently works well at any preferred or non-preferred activity.
Tall ships and the people who love them
Who could forget International Talk like a pirate day?
Tall and barque ships aplenty and swirly seas.
#19September2022 #TalkLikeAPirate #Idiolect

Focus people on the bottom line. In the left margin - H-shirt and peasant shirt and L-shaped legs
Drawn in by the magic of the pot in the bottom right hand corner?
Picasso and his atelier made some sharp bowls and serving plates in later life
which were an aesthetic delight.

Who's up for some early morning star-gazing?
The puffer jacket comes in big with a bullet.
Then you have these fleeces and flannels.
#Equinox #Fashion
The extra layer comes in well for stargazing whether in dusk or in dawn.
Stars are moveable points.

Tomatoes; tomatoes; tomatoes!
Tomatoes are a central part of community-supported agriculture.
And they are a horticultural challenge wherever you go.

21 September 2022 - Dawn on the top of the picture - clouds in the top-right-hand corner. Lavender in the bottom left-hand corner [French; Italian; English - take your pick]
Lavender, lavender, lavender.
French; English; Italian - take your pick.
Also the flowers are heightened and posterised.
And the hill is wavy - contour-style.
#Geography #MentalMaps #CloudAppreciationDay [was last Friday - 16 September 2022]
#Lavender #Foxglove #Flower
I realised this garden was not quite finished.
Edges and borders, you know.
As for how the lemons came up the way they did!
Any resemblance between the house represented here and any real-life house is ... coincidental.
#Architecture #Horticulture #DesignThinking #ThreeDimensional #GraphicCommunication #VistulaCommunication [ahem, visual communication].



Sandee said...

Love all the lavender. Beautiful.

Thank you for joining the Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop.

Have a fabulous Wordless Wednesday. ♥

catsynth said...

What an interesting set of drawings. I am trying to assemble them into a single story in my mind (including the captions).

And thanks for dropping by my Wordless Wednesday, too.

Andree said...

This is a fascinating post. I love your use of color and all of the ideas in the captions.

Shiju Sugunan said...

These drawings are interesting!

Forgetfulone said...

Fantastic drawings, but the captions make them! My favorite is lavender!

Keith's Ramblings said...

Lovely drawings once again. I really like your unique style!

Adelaide Dupont said...


Glad you enjoyed the lavender.

I basically grew up with it.

[and @ForgetfulOne too - there is just something about the plant - the pressing of it and the smelling of it].


I really appreciate you dropping the link [like I had done - when I am anonymous - except not really on the Internet - as some of the recent cyberattacks have shown us].


Ideas are great - whether we express them in words or in pictures.

@Shiju Sugunan:

You might have an interest in an earlier work of mine with some birds of paradise, I think it is the last blog

[the one with the baby's pink cheek].

@Keith's Ramblings:

Thank you. You might recognise some of the images and symbols.


The whole thing about a single story - I would be interested to see what sense you make of the images individually or collectively.

You might also notice that I wrote the captions out of order

[and they may not be congruent with the relevant alt-text. W3 would hate me for it!].

Our minds have a way of working that way - linearly and not so linearly.