Thursday, June 09, 2016

"Without people; nothing is possible - without institutions nothing is enduring": Jean Monnet

When I was reading the Pacific Standard's interview with Ralph Nader - the US consumer advocate - near the end there was this Jean Monnet quote which it is good to remember.

I made two graphics.

Calligraphic representation of Jean Monnet's quote "Without PEOPLE nothing is POSSIBLE" plus significant dates 1888 and 1952.
"Without people nothing is possible" - Jean Monnet
1888 is when he was born
1952 is when the European Coal and Steel Commission started his work.

Calligraphic representation [medium size] of the second half of the Jean Monnet quote: "Without institutions nothing is enduring". Graphic by Adelaide Dupont 9 June 2016.
"Without institutions nothing is enduring"
Jean Monnet
The "without" is bordered with a hexagon
The "institutions" and "enduring" are written in upper-case
"Nothing" and "is" have two separate borders in the same colour

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