Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Technical Work and #CampNaNoWriMo cabinmates

Rainforest Reload: four trees with orange trunks; one with a semiblue/semiwhite trunk

Hello again! This is the third post I've written this year. 
As an IT person once said to me, "Isn't it great when you have your own Mac at home?"
The technical difficulties first: on the 20th and 21st June I could not comment on other Blogger/Google blogs because there was a pull-down menu with an empty profile.
When I clicked on the pull-down profile I did not see my name or account. I could still get into Halfway up Rysy Peak and still write in and on my GooglePlus account, so where that applied, that is what I did.
A technical opportunity was the chance to try out the new StumbleUpon interface.
[I can still pull away from it if I want/have to through the Beta settings]
  • Grids and lists are now standard for the profile pages
  • The "Add this page" is now on the right - click on the button and paste the link in the dialogue box
  • The toolbar is fresh and clean
  • We can see now how many likes we have exactly [this for me is 85,500+]
  • The lists are now in alphabetical order when things are first being sorted
  • When adding to lists, they are still in chronological order
International Studies drawing. A butterfly; a hill; a pyramid and a Peruvian and lots of musical notes and staves

I personally created a new list - my first in the new system.
It was Small Beginnings - the series where Sophie Masson is interviewing writers.
Looking for a great new way to embed it:
  • There is a "Report Bugs" feature in the profile menu.
  • Notifications are neater and tidier - in the last release they were a bell symbol
  • The "Contact Other Stumblers" interface is different
  • The followers and following are now in alphabetical order rather than in chronological or frequency order
  • In the grids there are now 10 pages/links in each row

A day or two ago - indeed yesterday morning - we were assigned our cabins for July's edition of #CampNaNoWriMo run again by The Office of Letters and Light.
I nominated for a cabin which had people working on genre and word count goals which were aligned with mine.
This July I am working on a novel called THE MAJELLA PROJECT which will be women's fiction and in the 50000-word range.

The food chain through the world of fish in pink; blue and yellow

Now you can meet the people in our cabin:
The first one is NitaB who is a Bible teacher from Kent in Washington State. Her project is GEORGIE'S DRAGON. She likes iced tea and quiet time for her camp activity. Her novelling music is the Gospel and her favourite book is the Bible.
Diana.Reid.Stevens lives in Delta which is in British Columbia, Canada. She is a teacher and writer whose non-writing hobby is weight training. Her project is BIANCA'S KEY.
The third person in the cabin is CarlaJade. She lives in Gainesville, Florida. She likes hiking, cuddling her cat and Disney. She has a blog called Lost Princess Jade: and her project is THE MANY ME. It is a set of short stories.
LaurynFrances may think "I'm not all that creative". Well, that's what we're here to find out and challenge ourselves through this project. I noticed that several people in my cabin like dead silence when it comes to novelling music. Her favourite camp activity is s'mores and she lives in Ireland.
MalynnK is the author of "Blood Sisters". She enjoys mystery/romance and horror.
I loved Martha Bilski's illustration on her profile immediately. Her favourite camp activity is counting words. Art is her heart and soul as you can see on her profile. Her title is JULY 2016. Better find out about David Whyte so I can discuss.
WhiteClouds is the author of Daniela and Vincent's Story. How awesome! She aims it at the 25-45 market. She writes in urban fantasy, thrillers and touches of romance. What music will she match up to the characters? She lives in Neptune ... New Jersey! [drumroll!]
KiraBetcher lives in Minnesota. What a great thing to do for your summer - write a book. Her favourites are LIVING DEAD GIRL and THE FAULT IN OUR STARS. Passenger is her favourite musical piece.
lookupandseeinfinity is writing a personal script. Awesome sauce! I wonder what showtunes will come in handy. Like me, one of their favourite camping activities is swimming.
amhpq8 - we seem to have one registered nurse and a nursing student in this cabin. amhpq8 is the student. She also enjoys classical music while novelling and her work is CAM'S STUDENT and comes in the class of erotic fiction. Her favourite titles include the Harry Potter series.
Now, me. Daphne du Maurier was fairly hot for me in March and April when I last wrote my NaNoWriMo Camp profile. There were two books of hers I enjoyed very much - both were historical fiction. I also read three Jeffrey Archers this January. David Dyer's MIDNIGHT WATCH was a great read in March. My other favourite camping activity is canoeingAnd I do enjoy boules.
PS: Here is what I worked on in April.

My contribution/response to IndependenceChick's INSIDE OUT feelings expression.
On the left is Anger; the second is Fear; the third is Joy and the last is Sadness.
The feelings are intertwined and bounded.

May the dream of Europe not only sleep.
And may the MAJELLA PROJECT wake me and you up!

Now I understand what is going on with the labels [otherwise known as tags or categories].

They have to be less than 200 characters! So I went with the most general ones.

It did not mean the pictures at all or the text or the alt text even though there was a problem with one illustration and how the text followed...

We can be bruised but we can never lose

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