Friday, April 16, 2010

[SocialVibe] Mom Sends Adopted Child Back to Russia

Mom Sends Adopted Child Back to Russia

Thank you, SocialVibe, for this socially-oriented coverage of the Artem Saveliev (Artem Justin Hansen) story.

When first I heard of it early on the 10th April 2010, it was a shocking story.

I have written a little piece of it in my essay-book Attachment with an Accent (the link I have given you here is the Scribd version).

This is the version with [some of] the links which you will find on page 9. I realise that the country table is incomplete.

For once, I have found, Zoho Writer is more loyal to the original fonts than Scribd is. I think in part it's because I used Word as opposed to InDesign.

* * *

The charity I am supporting through SocialVibe is called The Vision Charity.

More about it in due course.

Several people on the Web are supporting different charities.


Unknown said...

wow thats crazy adelaide i am back

Adelaide Dupont said...

Very happy to see you, and your comment.

Will re-read your blog, especially the new writing, in due course. (Liked your poem, Believe in Life).

And, yes, Hansen needed to think harder. The mother and grandmother are complicit.

Artem is now with a diplomatic family in Moscow.

He was a very brave boy to cross the world.

Von said...

A very disturbing story.Like most adoptees he had no choice.

Adelaide Dupont said...

That might be so true, Von.

Thinking about the "most adoptees" who had "no choice".